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Crisos Athlete: Nicole Farrelly

10 Apr 2017 10:20 AM - The Most Diverse Athlete That We Have Ever Met

Nicole Farrelly is an aspiring stunt women who trains/competes in 16 different extreme sports including: Skydiving, Free diving, stunt driving, High falls, Wakeboarding, MMA, Stunt bikes, Dirt bikes, Flat track, Dirt track sidecars, Smash up derby, Fire stunts, Wire stunts, Burn out competitions, Small arms training, Surfing and more. 

We sat down to ask her some questions about her insane sports career, read on for more! 

What is your main motivation to stay so committed to so many extreme sports?

I just want to experience how far I can push my mind and body, I also get see the world from so many angles that not many people in their life time will ever see. I love learning as I get bored easily haha so the multiple extreme sports that not many people even try to do is a massive pull for me. I want to see how many extreme sports I can achieve in my life time. This keeps me focused, every step along the way has given me such an amazing life full of love for this planet while getting to meet the most amazing people along the way.

I also want to become known as the most craziest stunt women that people can think of. 

Is there one sport/profession that you are most passionate for?

All Have their own unique level of love and passion but motorbikes, Stunt riding, drag racing, side car racing and open roads are in my blood and at my core. I have an inner calling for base jumping and wing-suiting that I’m working towards as much as I can; living and breathing skydiving this year and looking at going overseas for more training as there is something so undesirable about the ultimate challenge for me to achieve this level of extreme sports. Every sports and training I take on just ads to my skill bases as a stunt women.

Surely being a stunt woman would entail daily activities that most people find petrifying, did you have to overcome much initial fear? Or does fearlessness come naturally to you? 

YES!! All my sports and disciplines have their own high level of fear for me, the thing I love the most is that I’m all ways scared stiff but I work out how to overcome the fear each time and conquering it at each level so I can progress onto the next level of fear. I have no natural skills just the determination on never giving up no matter how scared I am. Never let the fear of something stop you as what is on the other side is amazing and worth it!

What is your advice to those of our readers who want to overcome a fear?

Fear is amplified by the unknown so best way to deal with it and overcome it in my experience is to learn as much as you can about your sport or fear, train as much as you can for every situation and then face it, as you will face it with knowledge and skills. When you do it you will see it as no where near as scary as you thought in your mind. 

I train and learn and prep as much as I can to lower the risk factor before I take the step, you can never 100% safe guard anything but always prepare for it. Fear is good, it keeps you alive haha use it to double check your task ahead of you.  

What is the most frightening experience you have had during one of your sports?

The most frightening one that I can think off was when I raced on a dirt track side car recently with very little training before competing in a national championship rounds. I made an error in the first warm up lap and also two other things went wrong all at the same time that was not in my control and a rider got hurt. I was so much more frightened at the thought of harming someone else than when risking my own life. 

Luckily, the rider that got hurt was ok and even returned from hospital to the track to watch the nights racing and cheer on all the other riders, that was so amazing and so normal for this high risk sport as these guys and ladies are the crazes I have meet yet. This so far has been the scariest sport I have done to date.

There is no question that diet and nutrition play a massive role in sustaining athletic performance; do you have any special tricks with your nutrition to keep you charging through so many sports? 

I never took well to takeaway food and junk foods and I also don’t drink or smoke. The biggest change I made to my diet so that I can take on so many sports with such long hours of training is my  food preparation.  Planning and cooking all my meals in advance stops me from reaching for quick bad foods in hunger. 

I love homemade protein balls and I do two different flavours in bags stored everywhere! And I mean everywhere haha in my taring bags, hand bags, and car so I would never go to training on an empty stomach or give in to bad foods in hunger after. supplemental Magnesium was a massive game changer for me as I was getting muscles cramps like crazy. This is why I’m so in love with Crisos when I discovered it. 

My extreme sports makes me appreciate life so much more as you don’t know when it’s your last day, so I enjoy good healthy food and still keep my favourite treats in my life as having something you love in moderation is rarely a bad thing. I don't believe you should be feeling under pressure and locked in a cage with my healthy eating, prioritise them, enjoy your treats and you should find that the better foods you eat, the more your body will crave them. 

Keep up to date with Nicole's extreme adventures on Instagram she is incredible!