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Crisos Athlete: Ricky Garard

Currently #1 Crossfit Athlete in Australia, Ricky Garard training for regional qualifiers, fuelled by Crisos. 

Crisos Athlete: Phillip O'hara

BASE Jumping in the EU. 

Phil hikes up some of the worlds most intense mountains, then he jumps off them. Phil is crazy, we like crazy, we also like that phil always has a Crisos shot (or three) packed for his hikes around the world. 

Crisos Athlete: Nicole Farrelly

10 Apr 2017 10:20 AM - The Most Diverse Athlete That We Have Ever Met

Nicole Farrelly is an aspiring stunt women who trains/competes in 16 different extreme sports including: Skydiving, Free diving, stunt driving, High falls, Wakeboarding, MMA, Stunt bikes, Dirt bikes, Flat track, Dirt track sid...

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