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WW2 Gun Towers, Long Bay, Sydney

6 Jun 2016 5:47 PM - Malabar Headland National Park NSW
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WW2 Gun Tower
Gun Tower Beers
These old World War 2 Gun Towers are part of a large string of gun towers built along the Sydney coast line in 1942 to defend against Japanese invasion during the second world war. They are incredibly beautiful and stir a lot of emotion for many visitors. 

 Getting There: Travel to Fishermans rd, Malabar NSW 2036. At the end of Fishermans rd you'll find an open carpark and this is where you leave your car. At the rear corner of the carpark you should find a fence that has almost completely been torn down with a very clear and easy walking trail. Read more below..

Simply follow this trail as it hugs the ocean side line and after a few minutes you'll pass an incredible two-storey gun tower that you can walk around and view from inside. You can also observe many old trenches that link various blocks and towers together but we recommend following the initial trail.

After only 10 minutes you'll come to the corner of Long Bays cliff lines (aka Boora point) and you'll find one lone gun tower facing out to the open ocean. It is an incredible view from a very high cliff point. You can safely sit inside the gun tower and enjoy the views for as long as you please. 

The trail carries on for kilometres along the cliff face all offering amazing views, but we'd advise turning back for the return journey after a kilometre of so. 

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