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Mermaid Pools

30 May 2016 5:16 PM - Charlies Point Road Tahmoor, NSW
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Mermaid Pools are hidden away in a little town called Tahmoor. A two hour drive from Canberra, ACT and just a one hour drive from Sydney CBD, this place is an incredible weekend adventure for the east coasters. A moderate to easy 45 minute walk (each way), this is not a clear track and does require a keen eye for markers left by previous travellers. Rock pools, rope swings and cliff jumps make it very worth the walk. 
 Search "Charlies Point Road" into your maps and follow it towards the end connecting to "Rockford Road" (we attached an image of the pinned location). You will come to an average sized bridge and this is where you park. There are small side patches along this road to park your car but if your car is reasonable driving off road, you can drive down beside the bridge where there is plenty of parking space.


When you are ready to go, follow the single path leading directly under the bridge and right along the river (in the direction the water is flowing of course). The first half of this trail is easy to follow but the second half becomes less clear and is completely un-signed, except for markers left by previous travellers (painted arrows, little bits of fabric tied to trees). 

The absolute best advice we can give you: follow whatever path that keeps you closest to the river, when in doubt look for the little arrows or bits of fabric attached to trees). After approximately 45 minutes you'll have arrived to Mermaid pools

There is large cliff edges with no fences, please show extreme care. Many travellers jump from these incredible cliffs to the waters below. Beware the is no way back up except to climb a single rope that runs up a waterfall. It is extremely dangerous and many people get stuck/injured. There are loads of little rock pools and waterfalls along the way that are far more safe for kids and relaxation. Simply follow the exact track you arrived on to get back to your car. 

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