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Laurel Hill - NSW

31 Aug 2016 11:58 AM - A fortress of pine

Laurel Hill has become one of Australia's most popular photography spots due to it's incredible synchronised sugar pine tree's that create a natural fortress you'd only expect to see in a Lord of The Rings film. It is a quick and easy 400m walk from the car that anyone can access. 

Getting There:

Just after the village of Laurel Hill you will turn right into the Bago Forest along Kopsens Road. 

Follow Kopsens road for about 400 metres and you will see the entrance to the "Sugar Pine Walk" to your right. The walk is less than 500 meters with clear signage. 

Laurel Hill is gorgeous year round but has a particular beauty in the winter months if you are lucky enough to catch it with snow fall. We'd love to see your snaps here, tag us on Facebook or Instagram @crisosofficial so we check them out!