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Empress Falls

28 Apr 2016 4:01 PM - Fletcher St, Wentworth Falls NSW 2782
fall 3
Early decent
Half way to first fall
Stairs approaching first waterfall
Bottom of stairs
Fall 2
Empress Falls, easily one our favourite spots to date. Easy to find and relatively easy to get to. Clear paths and signs to guide you from the base car parks. Approximate walking time: 35 minutes down  45 minutes up. Read more below:

Empress Falls 1

At the base carpark you will find a concierge building where you can book activities from hikes to abseiling. To the left of this building there is an obvious set of stairs leading to multiple paths, take the path heading right. within the first 5 minutes of walking you will notice a small unsigned dirt path veering to the left, this leads to a breathtaking view of the valley mountains. Be very careful though, this is a cliff face with no fences. Return back to the main path and continue down for 45 minutes following all signs to Empress Falls. 

You as you come to a steep set of stairs (with railing) you know you are very close, you can usually hear Empress Falls. The first waterfall is gorgeous, often there will be some adventurers abseiling down them. There is a reasonably deep pool at its base and small jump rock by the waterfall if you're game to jump in for a very cold bath. Be very careful, this rock can be incredibly slippery. 

If you continue further down the path beyond this fall you will come to pass another two beautiful waterfalls within 10 minutes that are definitely worth seeing. Beyond that, a longer walk (1.5-2 hours) will take a scenic valley walk.

Notes: It's usually very damp, often some slippery rocks and the water is FREEZING but amazingly refreshing - just pack a towel!