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Eagle Head Rock, Royal National Park NSW

11 May 2016 9:34 AM - Starting Wattamolla Picnic area at the overflow carpark
royal coast line
river feeding into main waterfalls
a hard earned rest by curracurrongs first fall
waterfalls under a waterfall
A moderate to easy 2.5 hour return walk consisting of incredible views of the royal coastline and an end destination you won't want to leave.  Eagle Head Rock is incredible in itself but surrounded by other natural wonders, including one of the only known Australian waterfalls to feed into the ocean. Directions Below:

Eagle Head Rock

Start at Wattamolla Picnic Area Carpark (I believe theres approximately five adjacent carparks), choose the back parking lot "P5" and you'll find a dirt walkway with signs directing to to Eagle Head Rock. This is an easy to follow 45 minute track with regular signs leading on an incredible walk along the national coastline. No more than 50 meters before you reach Eagle Head Rock, you will find Curracurrong  Falls, one of the only known Australian waterfalls that feed straight into the ocean (from a beautiful low running river). There is little to no fencing along any cliff's along the walk or the falls so show extreme care. 

The low riding river is beautiful and safe to have a swim in but the rocks are slippery. To return, simply follow the same track you used to get there. Have you travelled here? send us some snaps on Facebook. Thanks for reading!