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B44 Grill Cave

10 Aug 2016 5:19 PM - Lockdown Road, Bungonia National Forrest, NSW
Not many people seem to recognise Bungonia National Park as anything beyond a sign they pass on the drive between Sydney and Canberra. It is an incredibly under appreciated natural playground located just over an hours drive from Canberra ACT and 2 hours drive from Sydney and will be one of our most toured spots. 


Lookouts - EASY fenced and a 1 minute walk
Grill Cave - DIFFICULT extremely dark, loose terrain, large drop offs, potential CO2 exposure

What to Bring: 

Lights, Batteries, headlamp, helmet, food, hydration, hiking apparel (overalls recommended), do not travel alone and make sure you sign in and out of the rangers station so rangers know you are visiting. 

Drive down "lookdown road" towards slot canyon, you will arrive at the rangers station to your left, quickly sign in to notify rangers that you are travelling Grill Cave. shortly after the rangers station you will find a small carpark to your right. There is a small path (closest path to the road) that will take you on a short 5 minute walk to the entrance of Grill Cave. 

Navigating through Grill Cave is relatively easy and there have been some ladders and wire fencing installed for safer exploration. None the less there are still many large drop offs and loose terrain that could cause serious injury. The deeper you travel (especially in the warmer months) the greater your chance of CO2 exposure. Bringing a match can be a good way to test Oxygen levels at your local point, if your match doesn't ignite and remain alight, your oxygen levels are getting low. 

Check out our video through the caves here. There are also incredible lookout points within minutes of the carpark to Grill Cave.